We are happy to inform you that we have launched India's money making program. From our website you can make money from working from your home. For work from you home. Its online job. No extra Skills necessary. You are the own boss so you can sit comfortably at your home and work at your own Spare time. Work from your PC, Laptop or Mobile.
  • Registration fees: Nill (No registration fees)
  • Type of work: Promoting your unique links in Facebook, Social Media
  • Validity: 1 year (12 months)
  • Type of work: You will be given unique webpage. You have to Promote your webpage link in facebook and social media. When someone clicks on your webpage link and visit our website, you wil earn money. And you will earn money if they join our program.
  • Amount you wil earn when someone joins us using your link: Rs25/-
  • Amount you will earn when 1000 people visit us using your link: Rs 60/- ($ 1)
  • Expected money you can earn: if 2000 people visits our website using your link per day, your daily income will be Rs 120/- + if atleast 2 people joins using your link Rs.50 = Rs.170/- day
  • Monthly income: 170 x 30 = Rs.5100/- .
  • Payment cycle: Weekly
  • Minimum Amount to withdraw: Rs.150/-
  • Mode of payment: Net Banking or Wallets

In this job your work is quite simple. You have to Copy and Paste your webpage link in Facebook groups or other social media groups or classified websites where your link should reach millions of people. That means Your work is to promote your unique webpage link.

Facebook Link Promotion: When you join our program, we will create webpage for you and we will give Facebook groups links. Join those groups and start posting your link. Post your link in those groups 2-3 times a day. It hardly take 10 minutes to post in 50 groups. If you post morning and evening, it hardly takes 20 minutes per day. You need not to waste much time. .
Post this in all Facebook groups as many times as possible.
We also give you group link to join as many groups as possible.
Suppose you have 100 groups and if you post your ad content in all groups. If 20 people from each groups visits your webpage link, then daily visitors to your webpage link will be 2000.



Benefits of Joining this program
There are 3 ways you can make money from this program.
1. Make money by referring: Promote your link in facebook group and other social media website. Try to bring more and more visitors to your website. More the visitors come, more you can earn.
2. Earn from Google AdSense: When you join our program, we will create a web page similar to this. We will create a google adsense account for you which is life time valid. We will embed google ads in your webpage and you can start earning money from ads also! Apart from this you can create blog and earn money from blogging. Suppose if nobody joins no need to worry. Anyway you webpage contains google ads. When vivitor clicks on those ads, you will earn money.
3. Earn money from visitors: Promote your webpage as much as possible. For every 1000 visitor, you will be rewarded Rs.60 ($ 1)from our side.



Joining our program is very simple. Just you need to install 2 apps in your android mobile phone.
To know which are those two apps and how to install in your mobile phone click on the below link