Share Links/Post links and Earn Money

Hello visitor..
We are happy to inform you that we have launched 100% genuine, part time and online work from home program where you can earn money by promoting or posting the links in social media websites and earning money. Currently we are looking for 10 people who can spend 2-4 hours daily in Facebook and post the links that we provide to you.
For details about work please go through details below and if you are interested join, please call us @ 9164662988
Only we hire 10 people. So first come will get an opportunity to be a part of our program.
Note: No registration fees and no investment.

  1. Laptop or desktop or smartphone with internet connection
  2. Internet Knowledge
  3. At least you should spend 3-4 hour a day
  4. WhatsApp account

  • Registration Fees: No Registration fees.
  • Nature of Work: Work From Home Job, Part Time Job. Internet Job.
  • Type of work: Post and share your link in Facebook group or classified websites (We will guide you).
  • Amount paid per 1000 visitors: Rs. 100 or $1.5
  • Payment Cycle: Monthly
  • Mode of Payment: We pay you through Net-banking, Paytm, Phonepe
  • Minimum balance to withdraw: There is no minimum. We will pay you on 1st of every month irrespective of your earning.

Working Method:

When you join our program, we will provide you links. Your task is to post or share those links in Facebook groups and whatsapp groups. When people clicks on links and comes to website, you will earn money. You will earn $1.5 = Rs. 100 per 1000 visitors. So more you post, more people visits, more is your earning.

Demo Work:
We will give you link containing some information. You have to post or share that in various facebook groups. whenever people clicks on the link, you will get money.
Demo1 (Posting Links:); Copy and paste below green color content in your Facebook groups/whatsapp group and post it.
Wipro is hiring freshers for Testing Engineer position
Link to Apply-->
Note: Comment, share and like this post
Demo2 (Share Links): Click on below share button and share this on your timeline

How to Join:

Step 1: Click on this Facebook share button and share this on your facebook timeline.

Step 2: Whatsapp your name @ 9164662988

Step 3: Our represenative will call and expalin you working procedure and he will send you the links to promote

Frequently Asked Question:

Is this 100% Genuine?
Yes off course. We are not asking registration fees.

Do I get the payment on time?
Yes. We pay on 1st of every month. There is no minimum to withdraw. We will transfer you through TEZ app or paytm.

Who can join this program?
Indians with age 18 and above can join this program. Housewives, Students, can also join this.

Is it mandatory to work every day?
Not at all. You can work when you are free. You can work at any time and from anywhere in India. Its better to work 2-4 hours a day for best income.

Is there registration fees or joining fees?
We dont charge. Its free for all.

How to know the number of people visited?
When you join with us, you will be given series of web links. We will provide you statistics whenever you want.

How much can you earn?
Your earning is not static. It depends on how you promote your link and how much time you spend
Suppose if 4000 visitors visits per day,
We pay $1.5 = Rs 100, per 1000 visitors. For 5000 visitors your earnings will be $7.5= Rs 500/-
Per Month,
500 x 30 = Rs 15000 per month

Need Google AdSense?

Do you what is google adsense? Its program where you display google ads in your webpage or blog and earn money. Google pays you. For this you need to have google adsense account. We create account for you. We charge Rs.799/-

If you need website, contact us at 9164662988

Need Website?

We design simple website for your small business at cheap cost. It contains pages you required. We charge Rs.499/-

Example of your website:

If you need website, contact us at 9164662988

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